Tag-based indexing for local files?
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Tag-based indexing for local files?

Late last year I asked a question about good online bookmark utilities. I was introduced to del.icio.us, and it has been a revolution in the way I handle my links. Between del.icio.us and Flickr, I've become convinced that tags are the way to go for classifying certain kinds of data. For example, I've got a huge set of .doc files, each representing a federal securities case. Each case might deal with a range of causes of actions and the elements of those causes. Right now they're organized in a badly broken hierarchy, making it almost impossible to find the cases responsive to a given query. What I would love is a tag-based system for keeping track of these--and other--documents. Any ideas?
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What OS monju? :)
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Sorry, it's Windows; XP at home and 2000 at work.
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Well, you can disassociate the metadata from the file itself and just do what people have always been doing - keep a separate database or Excel file that organizes and "tags" all your files with any customizable field you want, including of course filename.

Then you just do your searches there and get the associated filename(s).
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Unless it's improved dramatically since I tried to run it, I can't really recommend Haystack, but I never really understood it either.
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It's not really tag based, but Lookout for Outlook is pretty good at searching local files too.
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As a low-tech solution, you could just stick the tags in the filenames, like so:

case 1 [cause1] [cause2].doc
case 2 [cause1] [cause3] [cause8].doc

Then use Windows' built in search thing to search for your tags. I've been doing this with text files for a while, and it beats complex folder hierarchies at least.
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I don't believe that this uses tags, but it is apparently quite good.
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If you are most concerned about your .doc files, you can define custom properties in Word. These can then be picked up by Microsoft Index Server (you know, the crummy search engine they ship with IIS). So that's an angle.

But yeah, what vacapinta said. You could even write a template doc with a VBA macro to trap "save" events in Word, and pop up your database. I've seen document management systems that aren't much more than that.
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You can assign keywords to doc files in Explorer. Just right-click, choose properties, and select the Summary tab. You can set keywords or categories there and standard Windows search will find them. Plus, if you use the Category, you can even choose it as a column in explorer (by right-clicking on the column names and selecting it from the More list.)

The downside to this method is that I assume a search will find the text in the documents too, so you would have to use a prefix for your keywords to make them unique.
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Yeah, I saw the keyword field as I was playing around with this a little more, smackfu. As you said, there's the problem that you can't search just that field, and you end up search the full text of the documents. I wonder if there's a search tool that will let me do that? Hmm, I guess I could make the keywords CamelCase and turn on the case sensitive switch.
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AtLast File Notes Explorer and JamWorks FileNotes will both do something like what you want. FileNotes has more useful integration withl explorer, right clicking etc, but it is otherwise less user-friendly, and not as transparent as the more expensive more polished AtLast.
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