Saving flash movies
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I want to download flash movies from a particular website. Keepvid does not work since the custom flv player uses flashvars to identity the clip.

This is a sample of the video that I want to download. Thanks for any tips.
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I was able to download it just fine with DownloadHelper 3.2.2 FF3 Extension.
Hope that helps!

- Bill
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I was able to download the file from just by starting the video, looking at the "Activity" window in Safari, and double-clicking the obviously large FLV file referenced.
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Best answer: If you use Firefox, you can install the Firebug extension. Once installed, press F12 to activate the Firebug window, then go to the "Net" tab. That will show you the URL of everything on the page that loads, including javascript files, images, and in the case of a streaming video, the FLV file's URL. Then you can copy the URL, put it in your address bar, and download the FLV.

There may be a much easier way to do this - I know there are a few Firefox extensions that are made specifically for ripping streaming video (probably parses the webpage for links to FLV files), but since I use Firebug for a bunch of stuff I just stick with that.
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