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Suggestions for a good-quality photo album that holds 5x7 pics? Recommendations for specific makes/brands welcome.

I've got a ton of pictures from a family vacation that were printed at 5x7. Now I can't find a photo album anywhere in town that holds pictures of that size. There are a billion albums that hold 4x6s and some that hold 8x10s, but I can't find 5x7 books anywhere.

(Why are they printed 5x7 rather than 4x6? We went to Disneyland, I bought a few of the overpriced ride pix to make my kid happy, those were 5x7, I figured I'd just get the rest that size too and it'd all be easy-peasy. Right? Guess not.)

Several online stores sell 5x7 albums. However, from my experiences looking at albums, it appears that quality varies widely and I don't want to buy some piece o'crap that will fall apart in a year. So, my friends--suggestions? warnings?

I absolutely, positively do not want to scrapbook. Just slot the pics in some clear holders, maybe with a little room to jot notes.

All suggestions welcome!
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Some of the ones from Archival USA claim to be "Archival, Acid Free, Photo Safe."

Archival Methods has pages for prints in various sizes, including 5x7. They claim these are "Heavy weight, high clarity, archivally-safe polypropylene print and slide protectors, heavier than many others so they will not tear, wrinkle or distort." They also sell albums these pages could be put into.

Archival Suppliers/University Products also has album pages, "Manufactured from clear, high density, chemically inert archival polypropylene, these economical album pages are available in a number of configurations to satisfy a variety of formats. Each is designed to fit a standard three ring binder including all of University Products standard size albums."

And then there are Itoya's Profolios; I haven't used this exact product, but I've used others from Itoya, and I like them a lot.
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Thanks, Jeri!

I didn't know that pages for prints (like page protectors) even existed. I was able to find some in my city at a photo supply place--very cool, never been in a shop like that before--and found that they fit into a type of post-bound photo album that I like. The best of both worlds!
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