Should I eat the caramel wafers?
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Caramel wafers one year after 'best by'. Should I eat them?

These are from Trader Joe's, and the label says 'no preservatives'. They still look and smell like when I first got them.
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Eat a little bit and see if you vomit. It works for the animals!
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No, they're full of sugar which is delicious to you, me, and bacteria.
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Thirding the "no".
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Absolutely not, you should send them to me instead.

They're almost certainly fine. They are full of sugar but they don't have enough water in them for microbes to thrive. Probably the biggest risk of spoilage is mold, which you'll be able to see.
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Only eat it if it's wafer thin.
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I'd eat them. They may be stale, but that's about it.

Wet (and sufficiently dilute) sugar is delicious to bacteria. I can't help but wonder if sondrialiac keeps granulated sugar in the refrigerator. Most people don't, without ill effects.
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I don't know how much water they contain - I recall the taste being moist, like something soaked in honey.
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If they were sealed for that time, and look and smell fine, then I'd feel fine eating them.

I'm also under the impression that if they were expected to spoil, the label would say "use by" instead of "best by". I don't know much about it, but I'm guessing that they may have been sealed then irradiated, so preservatives would not seem to be necessary, until after the seal is broken.
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My vote is to eat it.

Think about it this way: you're going to die. There is absolutely nothing that you can do to change this fact. Now, imagine the possibilities of your final moments:

"Oh how I have succumbed to you, foul cancer!"
"Damn you, old age!"
"O bus, I yield to your steel might!"
"Caramel wafer? Seriously?"

One of these things is not like the other, therefore, take the risk, bask in the temporary deliciousness of life and enjoy the possibility off the norm last words.
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They probably won't kill you, but they're probably not at their peak of deliciousness either. If you won't have them again until you return to Scotland, I'd say eat 'em. If you can pick up another package for three bucks at Trader Joe's, I'd say throw 'em away.
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I'd eat them.
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We're talking about cookies, right? Not raw hamburger held between your thighs on a cross-country Greyhound trip? Eat them. They're probably stale, but hell, they're cookies.
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Eat them WITH GREAT GUSTO. I feel this is the correct answer. If they're a little stale, crush them up and sprinkle them on vanilla ice cream.
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Seconding Greg Nog's wise words.
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Eat them, I bet they're even more fucking amazing one year down the line.
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I am usually in the FUCK NO DON'T EAT IT camp, but I would totally eat the wafers.

If it says "best by" rather than "use by" I reckon you'll still be alive tomorrow.
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I am almost OCD about not eating stuff past its due date, and I'd still eat these.
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It's not just that sugary things don't have enough water in for bacteria to live - honey is about 16% water for example - it's that high levels of sugar are actively anti-bacterial. The high sugar content will kill any living ng cells that happen upon it - water diffuses from the cell into the sugar solution by osmosis - and this either kills the cell or forces it into a dormant state. It's the same principle that makes salt a preservative. It's also why you don't get botulism (at least not often) from eating honey, even though there are generally plenty of clostridium botulinum spores present.

The same should apply to the caramel in your wafers.

And yeah, I'd definitely eat them.
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It sounds like they may be stroopwafels, in which case I'd say the cracker part would get moldy and/or stale (as above) before the syrup went bad.
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Yeah, I was going to mention the high-sugar=preservative qualities myself.

I bet they'll taste a little stale but won't hurt you.
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I ate a bit this afternoon and I'm still here! Might need that vanilla ice cream Greg Nog suggested to help with the taste next time though.
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When you've finished them, you can have some of my 13-year-old toothpaste to freshen up with.
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