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Help me find something that looks like this lamp.

Boyfriend bought them sometime in the late 80s/early 90s in a shop in NYC, but one is ripped now. Made of a thick paper. Anyone know where I could find ANYTHING similar? We're in NYC, and Saturday's his birthday.
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I'm guessing you just need a new shade, not a whole new lamp.

Are you at all crafty or handy?

I think you might have better luck making a replacement shade. Buy some thick paper in a similar (or coordinating) color, use the torn shade as a template, and carefully mimic the accordion folds. A ruler or metal straight-edge can assist with making precise folds. You can reuse any hardware that's on the ripped shade and attach the new version to the lamp.

Not only will you probably achieve a much more similar product, you will have made it yourself. I bet your boyfriend will appreciate it that much more.
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Best answer: Try these guys. They seem to have a similar design (knife pleat).
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Response by poster: Thanks. annaramma, I totally would, if I were at all the least bit crafty.
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Looks like something you could find at Pearl River.
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