How do I protect a sweet old person who may need a legal guardian?
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Does anyone here have any experience with nominations for conservatorship in the state of California, either as a potential conservator, an attorney, social worker, psychiatrist or anyone else who plays a role in the process?

I have an older relative who seems confused, and who may need someone to step in and manage their affairs. I have reason to suspect elder abuse and fraud. There are not many people who could help them—realistically, I am the only blood relation who could care for them. We have always been close and I feel responsible for them. I am curious about the mechanics of how such a nomination unfolds. What are the timelines once an application is made? Does some procedure kick into place that will protect the person's finances from the time an application is made, just in case the judge finds they do need help? What sort of documentation is expected, and how is it presented? Do people familiar with the situation testify, in person or in writing? Does the person who may need a conservator attend all the hearings? Do they have an advocate assigned to them, and if so, what does the advocate do for them? What criteria does the court use when choosing the best person to be a conservator, assuming one is deemed necessary? I am posting anonymously to protect the privacy of the person who is having problems, but you can write me directly at if you don't want to post under your name either.
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This California court page called "Links for Seniors" may help you. In particular, they have a Handbook for Conservators.
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Also -- Duties of a Conservator, and Conservatorship Forms. If you mefi mail me to tell me your city/town, I'll try to give you an agency and/or lawyer in your area who does this work.
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