How to keep backpack drive in rain while biking?
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Anyone have any good DYI ideas on how to keep your bag dry in the rain while biking? Some kind of plastic cover with elastic?

Not interested in buying a new pack, just want to keep the one i already have dry.
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I just put a trashbag inside of my pack and let the outside get soaked, but I had a short commute. You could always by or fashion a pack cover, though I've seen those mostly geared toward hiking pack size.
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I'll second Science! I was thinking the same thing about a pack cover. Maybe you could search google images and get an idea of what they look like then design your own. This might give you some ideas. Here is another one. These are for much larger packs than you are probably carrying but I'm sure you could make a smaller one. Good luck!
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Resealable plastic bags? They seem more waterproof than a typical trashbag
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A Biker's pancho?
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i've generally gone for ziplock and trash bags in the pack and assume the pack itself will get wet.
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kitchen garbage bag, the kind with the loops to cinch close the bag. poke holes for the shoulder straps. you can reinforce the holes with duct tape. have the opening of the garbage bag be at the bottom of your pack and just cinch up the loop.
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Put your bag on. Then put a poncho on.
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nth'ing plastic bags, heavy duty ones preferably.

If you want to keep the bag itself dry... if you're using a pannier bag, there's products like these MEC Pannier Rain Covers, and there's similar offerings for backpacks like this one from Campmor. Just Google for rain covers with pannier or backpack.

If you need a more custom solution, a tailor or seamstress should be able to help. A sheet of waterproof cloth, or tarp, or regular cloth treated with wash-in water repellent; some elastic cord or ribbon; wrap around bag, mark where to cut off the excess, sew-in the elastic material.
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Let the backpack get wet, but keep your things dry by putting them inside a plastic bag of some sort. Easier and generally more durable than trying to keep a garbage bag over the backback.

But seriously, if you're commuting a lot on the bicycle, invest in a decent bag, like this, or possibly these. I have one of the Chrome backpacks and I love it. It's a wonderful feeling to arrive at work after a commute through a downpour and find everything in the bag still be bone dry.
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Get a rack and an Ortlieb pannier, which closes like a dry bag. Backpack in pannier, no problem.
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Most kayak/canoe/camping supply places will carry inexpensive dry bags in a number of sizes.. the advantage over a plain plastic bag is that they are less likely to rip..

that said...

When I read the question "Anyone have any good DYI ideas on how to keep your bag dry in the rain while biking?" I was thinking you meant something very different... :)
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