How can I save Java games for offline play?
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You know those fun little addicting Java games on the web? Is there any way to snatch them out of whatever buffer they reside in, and save them to your hard drive for future offline play?
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Here's how I do it:

java: view source, search for "applet code" (or ".class") and look for a .class file near it. save the source in your preferred directory. load the .class file from your browser address bar and save it to the same directory. run the copy of the source to play it.

flash: view source, search for "embed" (or ".swf") and look for a .swf file near it. load it from your browser address bar and save it. it will play in any web browser offline.

This doesn't work with some games (like popcap games).
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Response by poster: Wow thanks!
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It won't work for any resource files it also tries to load - e.g. if it downloads it's images seperately, you won't be able to play offline
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