How to tell which series Pokemon cards belong to?
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How to tell which series Pokemon cards belong to?

My son got a giant stack of Pokemon cards on his last trip to Japan which were all mixed up in a box.

Some are old and some are new.

Some in Japanese and some in English and many from many different series / decks.

On the bottom right there they all have an X of Y numbering, but how can I tell which belong to which deck / series? Most have the circle, star, diamond which determines the rarity. Some, but not all, have an additional symbol which I am guessing might be the series.

Is there a nice web site which maybe shows all series, English and Japanese for both Nintendo and Wizards?
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I basically play the pokemon tcg every day. Just for some background.
The additional symbol is the set symbol. has a card-dex, as does
I would say pokebeach's is easier to navigate. Also if you don't want to bother looking them up, if you scan them I can tell you what set they're from.
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The other sets are down the side bar. You should be able to tell the difference between the new Nintendo cards and the older WotC cards - they are quite different in style on the front, though not the back.

All the sets up until and including the 'Neo' sets are WotC. After that, Nintendo.
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Bulbapedia might also help you. For instance, here's a list of all the Charizard cards.
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