Help me find movie recommendations for a 50+ mom who won't watch anything that has violence or doesn't have a happy ending.
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Help me find movie recommendations for a 50+ mom who won't watch anything that has violence or doesn't have a happy ending.

My parents in law have a movie night with friends of theirs. The problem is that my mother in law will only watch movies that don't have any explicit violence whatsoever - she's fine with cartoonish violence, like for example people getting shot with arrows in the Errol Flynn Robin Hood. But any blood or bone or people who look like they're really hurt and she freaks, so that's out.

Added to that, she doesn't like movies with "sad" endings. This can be hard to qualify, but generally she prefers movies with pretty definitively happy endings.

As you can guess this group has a hard time picking movies for their movie night. Can anyone come up with some recommendations? Movies that she really likes include Pretty Woman, Chocolat, Amelie, My Fair Lady, and the Thomas Crown Affair (the new one with Pierce Brosnan). Thanks!
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This collection seems to fit the bill and then some.
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I just watched The Castle, and loved it. Very happy ending.
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Momma Mia was a ton of fun.
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My godparents are the same way...only much older (90s).

Movies they liked:

The Straight Story
Mr. Holland's Opus
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Big Fish?
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.
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Ratatouille is a fine animated flick. Good feelings all the way around.
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She'd probably enjoy In Her Shoes and Crossing Delancey.
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This pretty much describes my mom to a T. Based on her preferences:
Don Juan de Marco
Sense and Sensibility
9 to 5

Also, some great classics fit this bill. Try:
The Women
A Letter to Three Wives
His Girl Friday
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Previous question: Can you name some good movies (preferably comedies) that are appropriate to watch with a nun?

Fitting now with the election: Dave.
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There's always Singin' in the Rain. It goes over well with just about everyone-- even me, the cranky old Jim Cameron nerd.
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Many of the films Nora Ephron was involved in would fit the bill.
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Lars and the Real Girl
Little Miss Sunshine
Edward Scissorhands (too "arty?" or maybe too sad, but such an emotional delight)
Almost Famous
8 Women (definitely if she likes musicals and doesn't mind subtitles)
The 40 Year Old Virgin (a little raunchy, though)
A League of Their Own
Citizen Ruth (political and a little cynical, but uplifting too)
Field of Dreams
I Am Sam (tearjerker doesn't equal sad, right?)
My Left Foot (same goes)
The Truman Show
Shakespeare in Love
Sling Blade
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One of the few "feel-good" movies that actually makes me feel good is Strictly Ballroom.
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The Incredibles -- good for kids, good for adults
Cinema Paradiso
The Princess Bride
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What about My Neighbor Totoro? I mean it drove out a New Yorker from a viewing party because it had no angst that I was attending.
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My mother was exactly the same. Very difficult to find the right movies. There was always something 'weird'. She did like the Bridget Jones movies though, the Bond movies were a must and she was very much into old classics like Harold Lloyd and Laurel and Hardy. Some other flicks that might fit the bill

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Galaxy Quest
O Brother, Where art thou?
Little Miss Sunshine

and for Christmas (early this year)
Scrooge 1970 musical version
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I'm like this, too (*looks in DVD box*). Under the Tuscan Sun is a big favorite. Also, seconding anything that Nora Ephron has made, especially any of the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movies - 'You've Got Mail', 'When Harry Met Sally', 'Sleepless in Seattle'. Actually, any romantic comedy should do - 'The Wedding Date', 'The Wedding Planner', 'Love Actually', 'The Holiday'. Does she like animated movies? I loved 'Meet the Robinsons'. Musicals? The new version of 'Hairspray' was pretty adorable.

Let me stop before I list off every single movie I own.
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Try the "Barrytown trilogy" of movies from Roddy Doyle novels.

None of these have happy endings, per se, in that Richard Gere comes to save Julia Roberts at the end, and the theater is awash with the sound of women batting their chubby fists together in happiness like so many over-excited chipmunks.

But none of them are truly sad endings, either.

The Commitments

The Snapper

The Van
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Pride and Prejudice and the other movies based on Jane Austen's books.
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Ooh! Ooh! Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman!!

Does Raising Arizona count as cartoonish violence? Not only is it hilarious, it's on an increasingly short list of the few things my mom and I can agree on any more.

How is she about cursing, (minor) sexual suggestiveness, and strong Yorkshire accents? If she can handle all three, The Full Monty is a delight. My former mother-in-law, who sounds exactly like your mom, loved it.
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If they'll watch a miniseries, Reckless is great. Happy ending, romantic without being sappy, and very charming.

A few more classics:
Desk Set

Another vote for Lars and the Real Girl.

And if they're interested in a TV series (I think it was on pay TV in Canada, originally), I can't recommend Slings and Arrows enough.
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Manny & Lo. A fantastic, criminally underappreciated indie flick that meets all of your criteria and is affecting and quietly strange, with an ending that is happy but far from a typical Hollywood 'happy ending.'
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Any Marx Brothers
Big Fish
any Pixar
Any 70s Woody Allen (Sleeper, Manhattan, Annie Hall, Hannah and her Sisters)
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The Kenneth Brannagh version of Much Ado about Nothing.
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Oh, and Flirting with Disaster. And Babe, of course.
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Why not make it a double feature?
Hudsucker Proxy, and pair that with His Girl Friday
Princess Bride, and pair that with A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
To Have and Have Not and pair that with The African Queen
Young Frankenstein (Fronkenstien). with Ed Wood (odd, but it just came to me)
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Bend it Like Beckham and I Capture the Castle are great fun. Billy Elliot is great too.

I second Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, The Full Monty and Strictly Ballroom. What else? Philadelphia Story and It Happened One Night are great classics.
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Calendar Girls was mentioned on the nun movie thread, and I have to recommend that too.
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This really depends on your mum and her friends' political views, but I just saw Saved! and Transamerica, and I thought both were happy and violence-free. But they're both fairly, uh, quirky movies, and although all the characters end up in better places emotionally and with bright-ish futures etc etc, we're not talking white picket fences with a dog. So, depends on the parent.
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Willy Russells' Shirley Valentine and Educating Rita*
Billy Elliot
About a Boy
Love Actually

* The Amazon listing incorrectly refers to Julie Walters as a Cockney hairdresser. Heh.
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Oh and the Australian "mockumentary" Kenny is an absolute delight. I don't know of anyone who hasn't loved this film.
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
I Capture the Castle
Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo

I am serious about the first two. Ultimate mom-movies.
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MAMMA MIA. Not out on video yet, but will be soon and is a mom-pleaser.
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I am saying this again because people don't talk about it enough - Manny and Lo.
Also, Drop Dead Gorgeous is another great women's comedy.
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Thanks for all the info everyone, I'm compiling a list to give to my mother in law!
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