Help me find information that Diane Sawyer reported about an Afghan orphanage 2 years ago.
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Can someone help me find information about a particular Afghan orphanage which appeared on a Diane Sawyer segment as long as 2 years ago?

A friend of mine at work told me yesterday how her mom had been asking everyone in her family to find information about a news story she'd seen, as long as 2 years ago.

Apparently the story/news segment was hosted by Diane Sawyer on a morning show, possibly Good Morning America (I'm just assuming, since that's Sawyer's show).

The segment concerned appalling conditions in an Afghan orphanage, and my friend's elderly mom has had the orphanage on her mind for 2 YEARS(!) now, and really wants to know how to send a donation to help the orphanage in some way.

I cannot find the specific story online, oddly enough... there is mention in Sawyer's bio about a story she did about horrific conditions in a Russian orphanage, but for now, I am going to assume that my friend's mother is correct in remembering that the orphanage was in Afghanistan.

If anyone can find info about the story, or a link to the actually segment, it would be a big help...

Of course, given that apparently 2 years have passed since the story, perhaps there is some faulty memory involved. But I know the experts here have amazing search skills! Google is not being my friend at the moment :)
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Best answer: Could it have been as long as five years ago? Here's a story and the place to donate to. Here is Sawyer's report via the wayback machine. (I used the word Afghanistan and not Afghan to search, fyi ;)
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Response by poster: Wow! Thank you so much! I figured searching for "Afghan" would include the word Afghan plus the larger word Afghanistan, but nonetheless, I simply did not find this link!

Thank you so much - my friend and her mom will be thrilled!

David in Athens, Ohio
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