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I'm getting married in DC in the spring. Yay! Looking for recommendations for the reception and more...

I'm hoping to have 60 people for an indoor wedding next April and would love to get recommendations for locations (VA would be best but will consider DC), photographers, florists, caterers and DJs. If anyone knows of a good consignment shop that has wedding dresses, that would be great too. Basically, if you got married in the DC area in the last few years and loved everything about your wedding, pass it along! Thank you!
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If you don't get good answers here, I recommend the Going Out Gurus Thursday chat on washingtonpost.com.
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Here's my list of what we used:

Location (cheap, cheap...) Historical Property in Fairfax County

Caterer: Gail's Vegetarian Caterer

Photographer: Shawn Bartley

We went a great Elvis instead of a DJ. And my husband's family are florists--so we got off easy there.

I had these folks make my wedding dress--very affordable.

If you want pics of the food, the dress, the location we used, or to see the quality of our wedding photos--drop me a mefi mail.
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I went to a wedding a few years ago that was followed by a reception at Busboys & Poets, which was a lot of fun.
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Oops...last comment incorrect - the reception was actually held at Old Ebbitt Grill. (The event at Busboys & Poets was a different event for the same couple. Also very nice, but not big enough for a reception from what I saw.)
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We got a cake (white cake with lemon) from Randolph's in Arlington and even the caterers said it was the best wedding cake they'd ever had.
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As far as photographers go, I recommend checking out wpja.org for documentary-style wedding photography. It's often a lot more poignant than the staged traditional stuff and stays fresher longer. I have a lot of friends on there who are killer photographers. I also shoot the occasional wedding if I get a good vibe from the couple. It's not my full time gig (I shoot news and editorial portraiture mostly) so no use working working with people who are no fun. Everyone should have a good time, right? And that's good advice a far as all your vendors are concerned. Make sure you have a solid connection and get a good vibe. Good luck getting everything together. Don't let it stress you out.
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My wife and I got married 8 years ago at the Woodend Nature Sanctuary. It's in Maryland, but inside the Beltway. They have a nice old house and some great outdoor space as well.
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I would recommend Desserts by Gerard.
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I went to a wedding last year at Top of the Town. It was beautiful! The view was spectacular and everyone had a wonderful time.
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