Is Alitalia Dead?
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What's the latest news on Alitalia?

I know they've been struggling badly over the past few years, and there appears to be some new developments in the past day or two. My interest in this is that my parents are currently in Italy, flying back to the US next week. One of their flight segments is on Alitalia, so I'm wondering what the likelihood is that the airline will cease operations (or at least ground some flights). Any thoughts?
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They should probably brace for the worst.

The unions earlier quoted him as saying flights could not be "guaranteed" because we cannot "get fuel".

So it's not guaranteed their flight will be canceled, but there's a strong chance it seems. Have they called Alitalia yet?
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As of - um - now, it seems that an agreement has finally been reached, and this evening (Rome time) it should be signed between the major unions and the company. Independent unions are against it, but that should not pose a threat to flights.
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Response by poster: Nitsuj....I haven't spoken with them this morning, but I do know they're reaching out to the travel company with whom they booked the trip. I imagine they're going to call Alitalia directly as well (although even if they called today, I assume the response they get would only be good as of the precise moment they called!)
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I fly them a lot. Even when they're solvent, there are problems and strikes that last a half a day. It's all about timing. FCO is a nightmare anyway. But this is a new wrinkle.
I'm going in the fall. I've already switched my flight to US Air- Philly to FCO.
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