I have Outlook withdrawal syndrome
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Where can I find a podcast (not streaming audio) of the BBC World Service program Outlook?

I love this program dearly, but my local station no longer carries it. The BBC World Service website offers Outlook as (free) streaming audio, but not as a podcast. Streaming audio isn't convenient for me right now because I don't have reliable web access at home.

Is this program available anywhere as an mp3 podcast? Perhaps from a US public radio station or other international affilliate? Or maybe on some sort of audio aggregator page?

Many BBC World Service programs are available for podcast, and every now and then new programs are added to the list. This makes me think that international rights restrictions aren't the problem here; rather, the BBC is gradually phasing in podcasting as their budget-to-bandwidth ratio improves. So although I'd love to get Outlook directly from the BBC, I don't think getting it from elsewhere makes me an Evil Illegal Downloader. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.
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Well, you could email them and ask them to consider adding Outlook to their podcasting output?
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Oh, downer, this page says:
Due to copyright issues, Outlook can only be streamed over the internet and is not available in a downloadable form.
However, were one to google for ways of capturing streaming audio media, I'd imagine you could find a way to capture the streams for use on an mp3 player.
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Drat, how did I not notice that page? Sorry to waste a MeFi question on something so obvious. But thanks, HappyDave, for filling me in.
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