Alien poems are all the rage
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Searching for a poem about aliens justifying their conquer of a "new world" - ours.

The terms I remember (alien, new world, poem) are vague enough that my googlefu fails me. This poem involved aliens visiting Earth and killing all us humans, but justifying it by talking about the happiness they would now discover here and how we were nothing like them. It uses a lot of made-up scifi words.

Obviously, it's meant to strongly parallel the massacre of Native American tribes in America (and other similar historical events.) I'm reasonably certain it's called "The New World."
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Might it be The New World by Suzanne Gardinier? It is a poem, but a book-length one. Perhaps you read an excerpt? When did you read this poem?
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It's a similar concept, but I'm fairly certain that's not it. This poem seemed to have a very clear beginning and end. I read it a few years ago in a poetry anthology textbook for an AP English class.

Actually, I know I first read it in an one of the newer editions of Perrine's Sound and Sense. I'm going to see if I can find a list of all included poems - the older edition on google books doesn't include the poem I'm looking for.
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Looks like this could be it: Discovery of the New World, by Carter Revard, featured in this edition of Perrine's Sound and Sense.
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Yes, that's it (or at least part of it.) Many thanks!
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