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Does anybody know anything about this Japanese photographer’s website?

I’m very charmed by his photos of his adorable family and lovely taste in design and décor. I can’t read Japanese or find any information on who he is, what he does, etc. I’m just looking to know a little more about him and his site, even a few translations of some of his captions would be cool.

And I don’t know if it’s frowned upon to have a two-part question, but his blog is a very good example of a specific Japanese style I’ve been seeing around the web. Very natural, somewhat old-fashioned, use of lots of linen, simply woven cotton, crochet work, etc. This shop (linked from his blog) is full of items like this. Here’s a similar shop. Is there a name for this trend (in Japan) and where can I find more examples, or non-Japanese/English resources (other than Muji)?
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I can't help you with the first part of your question unfortunately (but can read kanji so depends on the captions really).

As for the aesthetic, there are quite a few blogs out there that have a similar "feel". Here is that I subscribe to, I'll see if I can find any more.
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Best answer: His name is Yuji Mori, and he lives in Fukuoka with his wife, two children and a dog. His main website seems to be here, and there are links to photographs, a store, etc. I am afraid I don't have time to translate much for you, but here is a list of photoblogs and sites that he links to. Perhaps you can find something you're looking for that way.

Hope that helps!
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By the way, he has a bunch of high resolution wallpapers available here.
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Best answer: You might like Japanese model Masaki's brand website Hug O War.

Ohariko Days. "Ohariko" is an old-fashioned word meaning "a person who sews for a living." Her fabric works are here. This person is based in Kamakura, Japan.

I've never heard of a specific name for the taste you describe, but it's definitely very popular here and has been for years. I think the search terms you're looking for are "natural" and "zakka" or "natural" "interior" or"natural" "french" "interior". You'll find blogs like this and stores like this.
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even a few translations of some of his captions would be cool

Thu.09.11.2008 We've got one more. (Dango [meaning dumpling], girl)
Wed.09.10.2008 Today's table flower.
Tue.09.09.2008 "Look at what I've found! I'm buying a juice." You can't. (It's a washer.)
Mon.09.08.2008 "Da-chan [it's what he calls his mom or dad, I can't tell which], look, there's a dangerous switch!" I don't think it's dangerous.
Sun.09.07.2008 A synthesizer made from a kit. Umi only fidgets with the LFO. (Me, too.)
Sat.09.06.2008 He can't watch TV normally.

By the way, his daughter's name appears to be Umi (海, meaning the sea) and his son's name is Sora (空, the sky). Their skinny dog's name is Vaccine.
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(The main website armage points out has just made my day - a Monday, no less. The "Japanese use of English" is just too cute. I don't understand half of it, but oh is it *cute*! And I like his "photoes" and design too).
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The magazine ku:nel caters exactly to this niche you are talking about.
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I just found this thread, wondering what is the focal length he used? 50mm 1.2/1.4? 35mm f2? does anyone know?
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