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I love the RSS feature of MyYahoo. I love it so much I want to find something like it, only better. More inside...

I'm finding it really useful to be able to open my browser and see all the top headlines from my feeds on my default page. However, as I add more feeds I have to scroll and scroll and scroll, making the feature a bit less useful. I'd love a default browser page that lets me arrange the feeds any way I want to, over multiple columns. The idea is to put as much information in front of me without the need to scroll.

I suppose I could create my own page to do this but my brain is a bit full these days, I really don't have the time.

I've not found a separate reader that I like, plus I want to avoid opening yet another application. The new RSS features in Firefox and Thunderbird (released today!) are a step in the right direction, but still not what I want.

I want it like MyYahoo, only better.
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Sorry, don't know of a precooked solution, but f you ever do get the time to create your own page, the CARP RSS parser is the way to go, IMO. You can set it up to show feeds from many sources, filter in and out on keywords, and make them mash all together so items from different sources all sort on the page by time.

I can vouch for the simplicity of setting this up, I'm a total RSS/PHP idiot and I was able to do it pretty easily.
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bloglines does a little of what you want. It's in a browser and you can specify how feeds should be displayed, e.g., headline and summary or just headline.
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Bloglines is good for this....

On preview....yerfatma said it
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I know it's been said already, but: Bloglines, Bloglines, Bloglines. It freakin' rules.
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Ok Bloglines gurus. I want my various feeds to show up even if I've already seen them. When I browse through something with new items, and then go look at something else and come back, all of them are gone and I have to click "Display - All Items" to get them back.
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Hmm. Well, in Firefox the back button lets you go back through the frames. Are you losing your links because they open in the same window? You can control the behavior of all links at Home > My Account > Feed Options and you can control some of that behavior at the individual feed level too (e.g., have some feeds only show headlines). If that's not quite what you mean, there's always the dropdown to show items in the past 6-72 hours. Alternatively, you could look at your own blogroll through the public interface (you can get the idea of your URL from mine, but you may need to turn it on in the settings before it shows). You lose the new item highlighting, but it never hides read items either. I think.
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yeh, yours works how I want mine to work. i've looked through the options but don't see quite what i'm looking for. I think it has something to do with the fact that mine shows me which entries are "new", and once I look at them (in bloglines...not actually clicking into the various blogs), they are flagged as viewed and don't show up anymore. when I opened one of the folders in yours, it didn't show any of the entries as "new"


Ok, I figured something out...I can view it how I want via my public link as opposed to looking at .../myblogs. So I think I'm set. Thanks, this is cool.
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