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Can someone translate the Asian (I presume) symbol and text on this baseball hat? Pic1 Pic2
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Best answer: Dragon . . .
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Best answer: yeah.. in the second picture just tilt your head to the right and read it in english.
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Best answer: Pic one is (in Japanese, at least—I don't know if the reading of the character differs in Chinese) "ryu—", dragon.

Pic two is stylized english "dragon", twisted about 120 degrees clockwise.
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Best answer: The Chinese reading of that character is "lóng" (rising tone on the 'o'). Bonus question: what's the usage of 龍 vs. 竜 in Japanese?
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竜 is on the Joyo Kanji list, as the replacement form for 龍, which is not on the list. 龍 is still on the list for names, though, and most people know it, so except in documents that stick very closely to the Joyo Kanji list, you'll find both used with abandon.

If you go looking on the net you will also find plenty of arguments about whether 竜 and 龍 refer to different kinds of imaginary worm-beasts (竜 is actually attested to in older documents than 龍), but probably the distinction that is most commonly seen nowadays is "竜 for European-style dragons and/or dinosaurs, 龍 for Chinese-style dragons". Of course even this is not "official" and YMMV depending on what you read.
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