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Question from Ms. Magnakai: What should I do about absentee ballots and registering to vote from an american in the UK?

Hello. So basically I have a bit of a situation. Right now I live in the UK, and I would like to send off for an absentee ballot. However, last time I voted, I was registered in NY State. I hadn't lived there for three years, and my family is based in NJ. Would I have to register in NJ? Or could I still vote as registered in NY? I am just a bit confused.
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I'm an American in the UK.
Your voting address is just about where you last *lived* in the US.

You can go here to request your ballot. They'll also guide you through this.
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It has to be the last place you lived: FAQ answer (although this website is aimed at servicepeople, I believe this applies to everyone). You'll only get to vote at the federal level anyway.
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This tool should help figure it out and generate the right form to use too: Vote From Abroad.
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I second Zonker, your question will have an answer at Vote From Abroad along with much more information.
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