Music recommendations if I like Phantom Planet, OK GO, and The Donnas?
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I was given a gift certificate for a music store and have enough for two CD's. The last time I was able to buy music, was before my son was born over a year ago, and the last three CD's I bought were Phantom Planet, OK GO, and The Donnas. Based on that, anyone have two recommendations?
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I love dese threads...

The last Guided By Voices album - Half Smiles of the Decomposed (yet if you don't have any albums yet, get "Bee Thousand." Seriously.) (MP3)

Jens Lekman - When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog

Arcade Fire - Funeral (this just came out, and is destined to be a classic) ( Stream)

The Rogue Wave's debut "Out of the Shadows" is pretty amazing (Web site with sound)
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Get anything by They Might Be Giants. Their recent CD "Mink Car" is a joy. (Don't get their old CD "Back to Skull" whatever you do. Or the one that has the song "Sexxxy.") "Lincoln," "Flood," and all the rest will enhance your life and you will be a happier person for having heard (most of) them.

This recommendation is not based on your having already purchased the Donnas, etc. It is based on my desire that you cultural life be enriched by this fine music ("Apollo 18" is also great).
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Duane Peters and the Hunns - 'Long Legs-Die Hunns'
The Real McKenzies - 'Oot & Aboot'
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anything by Devendra Banhart, the Slits' "Peel Sessions"
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Faze, how do you get TMBG from Phantom Planet, OK GO, and the Donnas? There are zero similarities. I don't know most of the other bands recommended, but....

[slits eyes suspiciously] Hey, are you all just pimping your fave band, regardless of the question? J'accuse!

I recommend Sloan and L7. Not because I particularly like them, BUT BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!
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(If you have a child, the TMBG cd you purchase should obviously be "NO!")
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You're accusing him of doing what he openly admitted he was doing, luser? That should be a pretty easy case to make what with the preemptive confession.

Based on your previous purchases, I'm going to recommend The Sadies.
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If you like The Donnas, you'd probably like Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, or/and Veruca Salt.
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If you like the Donnas, you will probably like any band composed of pretty girls. In that case, don't miss the quite good (and I'm not kidding) Huckapoo, recently the subject of this mostly insulting and simply wrong-wrong-wrong front page post.
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I'd like to second Sleater-Kinney, especially their album "Dig Me Out". For more awesome poppy female vocals, check out The New Pornographers' "Electric Version".
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do you have, "Pinkerton" by Weezer? you'd probably like that.
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Faze, you're in Huckapoo, aren't you? That's the only explanation for what you just said. :)

I'd pimp my record too, but bands like the Raveonettes and the Fastbacks (Answer The Phone, Dummy is one of my favorite albums, like, ever) are probably a cleaner fit.

And Sloan (don't dis my boys!), the New Pornographers, the Sadies and Sleater-Kinney are can't-really-miss choices neither.
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i second the Sleater Kinney and reccommend "all hands on the bad one"
also Devo's "Now it can be told" the live acoustic
the distillers--
(got beat in preview!)
maybe new pornographers but probably more yeah yeah yeah or cold cold hearts

i say set to download a few cuts here and there because there are great songs on mediocre albums. i usually try to vote with my money anyway so my list of would be purchases aren't the mainstream ones.
i'd happily send you one of the many mixed cds lying around for a SASE
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ha, jacquilynne, I didn't read the second graph of Faze's post. now that I have I take back the pointing finger. The thread shaped up nicely though after that, which I take full credit for ;)
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Faze is, against all odds, quite cool
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From OK Go I get a sense of good times-ey rock with a half-danceable beat and catchy hooks. In that case, you might want to try The Rapture, The Moving Units, The Killers, Minus The Bear (specifically, Highly Refined Pirates), and maybe Interpol.

These don't sound exactly like OK Go, or each other, for that matter. But the elements that they share might appeal to you, judging by the albums you listed. I'd find samples, but, work calls. Good luck.
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OK Go opened for TMBG on a whole bunch of shows a few years back, so it's not a total stretch to say there might be some overlap in musical tastes.

Of course, if you dig the melodic post-punk power pop, you should also check out Fountains of Wayne (so much more than just the Stacey's Mom band).
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yes, thanx turaho
and bettie seevert
and the first muffs and old breeders, kelly deal, throwing muses. pj harvey, beth orton, aimee man--
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huckapoo? I'm not quite sure how this is anything but terrible crap based on the song thats playing on their website. am i missing something?
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If you like the Donnas, you'll probably like the Huntingtons, but get their older albums. They have gone to the dark side.
maybe things like Pavement, Guided by Voices, Too Much Joy, Veruca Salt, Letters to Cleo.

on preview... dang, I'm living in the past.
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Ha! Too Much Joy - man, I haven't thought about that band in ages - and posted by sonofsamiam, eh? funny stuff...
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