Using Apache to (almost) bypass Apache?
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Is there a simple way to use Apache's ProxyPass directive so that everything apart from a directory beneath the webroot gets passed on to another server? If not, can it be done another way?

I'm wanting to combine lighttpd with Apache to take some load of a server, but unlike the standard ProxyPass setup, I'd like the httpd.conf to direct things like this: -> lighttpd running on port 81 -> Apache running on port 80

Is that possible with ProxyPass? If not, can it be done another way, perhaps by swapping the ports and putting it in the lighttpd config?
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Best answer: Documentation has an example of exactly what you want to do:

The ! directive is useful in situations where you don't want to reverse-proxy a subdirectory, e.g.

ProxyPass /mirror/foo/i !
ProxyPass /mirror/foo

will proxy all requests to /mirror/foo to except requests made to /mirror/foo/i.

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Response by poster: Heh. Read the docs, and couldn't see for looking. Thanks.
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n/p. We all have those moments.
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