How to find a skipless CD player for my car?
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My car CD player (a Sony unit, probably about 6 years old) pretty much stutters/skips every CD I put in it, usually 5-10 minutes into the disk. Should I replace it, or try those lens cleaner thingies? Also, if I go to replace it, what's the metric in CD players' model specs that will tell me how well the lens will handle light scratches and/or burned CDs? I guess I could just get a really expensive one, but the only feature I really care about is that it doesn't skip.
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I posted a similar question about a month ago and was told to go for the lens-cleaner. I ran one, and it helped a lot. The CD player still isn't back up to original performance, but it works 80% of the time.
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Response by poster: Thanks Cobra. Unfortunately the Repair FAQ link in that thread warns to never use a lens cleaning disk on the kind of CD player that sucks in the disc (mine). It's probably a dirty lens, too -- it's in a convertible and the top is off a lot. Sucks that I have to throw it away.
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If you're throwing it away, why not try the lens cleaner regardles? If it works, great, if not, well you were throwing it away anyway.

Lens cleaner cds are just cd's with little brushes on them. Shouldn't harm the player...
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Look for a CD player that says it will play MP3 CDs (there are many). That pretty much automatically means it will do a nice job with CD-Rs, and may also indicate the presence of a semi-decent buffer (meaning less skipping).
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If you get a new one, I highly, highly recommend the Kenwood MP3 CD players with SRS WOW built-in. Like this. I have a slightly lesser model from last year and it kicks ass.
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luser, if you're worried the lens cleaner disc will damange the lens, open the unit and clean the lens manually with Qtips and 99% or better isopropyl alcohol. Also, by doing this you'll be able to see if your lens is full of grime, anyways.
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Oh yeah, I didn't notice it was a Sony unit. Of course it's going to start skipping a lot after a while. It's a Sony! Every Sony CD player I've ever owned has done that, which is why I don't buy Sony CD players anymore.
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