Vista Install hangs at the loading bar
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Windows Vista install hangs after "Windows is loading files" - this is an attempted re-install of Vista which I already have as my OS. Complete details inside.

I've been trying to install Vista all weekend. Right now I have Vista running, but I've run into some problems along the way and just want a fresh start.

AMD X2+ 4800 CPU
Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DS5 motherboard
2X 1GB 800Mhz memory sticks
1 SATA Seagate 500GB HD
ATI Radeon 3850
Pioneer DVD RW


I have the OS on a DVD which I used the first time I installed, but for some reason now everytime I go to boot from the disk it hangs after "Windows is loading files" (it hangs at the second screen with the Microsoft Corporation logo and the green loading bar).

I've tried EVERYTHING everyone has suggested that my Google-fu has found. I tried:

1) Reseating my memory
2) Burning a new DVD on the slowest speed
3) Creating a bootable USB key with the OS Setup on that
4) Unplugging all peripherals except the video card
(including the HDs themselves/sound card/optical just to be sure)
5) Changing BIOS settings of the IDE from Native IDE to Legacy IDE
6) Downloading a different ISO of Vista (I even tried an ISO of Server 2008 for curiosity's sake) and burning these instead
7) Disabling USB in the BIOS

I have the latest BIOS from the Gigabyte website which are, consequently no different than they were the first time I installed Vista 1 year ago.

I could swear I've exhausted the possibilities. The only thing I've read about is replacing the MoBo but I'm definitely not going that far.

I even tried installing the OS to disk from within Windows, and then booting into the second-stage of the install. It once again, hangs at the green loading bar.

I'm at a complete loss here. Why would Vista hang at that bar? Why isn't there a kind of "diagnostic install" process where I can see exactly the thread/process on which it hangs like there is with OSX?

Can anyone suggest something I may have missed?
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Here's a list of Vista installation log files.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I just wanted to say I found the solution (in case anyone stumbles here).
It was in the BIOS. All I had to do was disable Onchip support for ESATA and GSATA capabilities, and voosh!
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