Cartoon Upload System needed
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I draw a daily webcomic, but the script I use to upload the comic sucks and I want to replace it. Does anyone know of a free user-friendly upload script?

There are a few features I'd like: I want to be able to upload multiple cartoons at once and then tell it how long each cartoon is supposed to be on the main page so that it automatically executes each cartoon in turn; if there's no new cartoon to replace the one on the main page, I want it to leave that cartoon up; it needs to have a functional tag system for my archives; and I'm in the process of learning how to use flash, so if it could upload flash movies as well as jpegs, that would be great.
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On The Rack, we use Wordpress with the Comicpress template to handle everything. We upload the strips with a dated filename (something like 2008-09-13.jpg) and then set up the posts for the appropriate day. it makes things super-easy and does the posting-in-advance thing just as you wanted.
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Oops, here's the Comicpress link:
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Added extra tip: If you use ComicPress, you should seriously consider using WP Cache to reduce your server load.
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I have this previous question in my favorites. I've been meaning to try one of the scripts in the second comment.
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