Need a high end printer that can print metallic ink
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A friend of mine is looking to start a small business. She needs a high end printer for it (I have no idea what she's planning) - one that can print metallic ink. Anyone know of a reliable brand producing such things?
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It would be helpful to know what she is planning - 1 and 2 off projects or hundreds or more? Multiple metallics or just one color? Depending on what she plans on doing, she might be able to get away with using a good black and white laser and laser foil.

Really, though, there are a lot of variables and having a better idea about what she wants to do would help us narrow down our suggestions...
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I'll second and third that. For foil or otherwise metallic ink, there's about thirty different ways to put it down, some better than others.
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I assume by metallic she wants MICR toner for cheque scanning machines.

If she wants to go cheap, purchasing an old LaserJet II or III (preferrably III if she's in a hurry) and replacing the toner with "cheque toner" or MICR toner would do it. That printer shouldn't cost much more than $20 used. If she wants something more "high end", most any office HP Laserjet ever made has MICR toner available.

For the cheap bastard in you, check here to fill your own MICR cart. (Just a happy customer, that's all). It's a bit messy, though.
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Possibly a stupid question, but do you mean a computer printer? Or some kind of press?
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You can get heat/wax transfer printers pretty cheaply, and you can get metallic cartridges for these. My father uses these printers to print direct onto acetate for printing circuit boards as they're the only thing which can give an opaque enough print.
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Uh, I think she wants metallic-appearing prints. Like silver and gold, etc.

And yes, a computer printer.
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