Customising the Google Maps design (specifically the popup bubbles)?
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I'm trying to find some examples (of code, or finished applications) of highly customised google maps implementations - in terms of design.

Specifically, I'm looking to see if anyone has customised the popup bubbles in a neat way, and/or has made good use of customising the map icons too.

Does anyone have any links to good examples of a) good implementations or b) a how-to? I can't find info on customising the bubble display in my googling.
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Have you looked at the API? That link will help with the icons. I'll keep looking for the "bubble."
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Response by poster: I found this about two minutes ago. Looks like it could be quite customisable. However, I'd still be interested to see if there are real world applications of custom 'info windows' (as this site calls it) in the wild.
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Best answer: Here's some info on customizing the bubbles (also known as GInfoWindow).

Here are a few examples of custom GInfoWindows.
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A website I'm working on has a big Google Map you can search for rental properties - each property is a pin stuck in the map and when you click on it you get a bubble telling you about the property. I think the site's due to launch in the next couple of weeks so if you want to see it just let me know and I'll send you the URL when it goes live!
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You might find something by surfing around the GoogleMapsMania blog.
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Wedding Mapper is a nice example of an implementation..
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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