Help me find this animated show about aliens
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Looking for old animated film of aliens. I saw this on t.v. in the late 70's or maybe the 80's. Aliens that kind of looked like people were in animation and sometimes they would sit like they were meditating and then a big bubble would float above them, and you could not figure out if their soul was in the bubble, or if they were somehow procreating with others by doing this. I remember that the children were not suppose to bother someone who was doing this. It was a very interesting animation. I thought that the word "planet" was in the title but I'm not sure. Any ideas??
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Best answer: It's a French film called Fantastic Planet. IMDB link.

Pretty sure this gets asked somewhat frequently here for some reason, too!
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Best answer: Pretty sure this gets asked somewhat frequently here for some reason, too!

Probably because it was in heavy rotation on Night Flight, which I suspect is a sort of generational touchstone for a lot of Mefites. And it's the kind of thing that, when seen at 1am in one's formative years, makes a lasting, if largely baffling, impression. I remember watching Forbidden Planet, but my recollections of it have nothing to do with the plot as described in the Wikipedia entry.
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Doh, I meant Fantastic Planet, not Forbidden Planet. There's a very good reason why those two plots are dissimilar.
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I think it is a French/Czechoslovokian co-production--with the Czechs handling the creative end.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
As soon as I saw the name Fantastic Planet, I knew that was it! Thanks so much!
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