Names of childhood toys shouldn't be this hard to remember...
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Help me remember a random arts-and-crafts kit from my childhood... with a German twist?

I've got another one of those "I can't remember what it's called" questions! When I was little (early 90's) I had an arts and crafts kit that came from Germany. It was a plastic mosaic kit quite similar to "Pixel Hobby" that contained a design sheet, plastic pegboard, and all the plastic pieces. The only difference between my kit and Pixel Hobby was the shape of the tiles: instead of only having 1x1 squares, mine had a variety of shapes and sizes (I can remember 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 2x2 and an L shape).

Please help!!! And thank you for saving my sanity!!!
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Was it Ministeck? I used to play with that a lot as a kid in the eighties.
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Wow that brings back memories. (so yeah, seconding amf)
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Hey, you can even play Ministeck online! Ah, nostalgia...
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These are hugely popular in Sweden and are called "tube-beads", you can iron them once you have made them to melt them together as a permenant display. There are lots of different types of "mats" that you can follow if you don't want to free-style, like here:*SL&LVL3=MIDIBASE

Hama (a danish company) is the main brand sold in Sweden, and they have an english language site available:

It seems you can get them in the states under the name of Perler Beads:
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Didn't realise that it was the actual pieces and not the mats that were L-shaped etc. Ministecks look to be the thing, and they look fun too!
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Response by poster: You guys were right; it was Ministeck! Thanks so much!
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