How do I get my LG Dare phone to stop talking?
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How do I get my LG Dare phone to stop talking?

I have an LG Dare phone. Recently, the phone has started announcing callers and numbers before the phone rings - i.e., a computerized female voice will say something like, "Call from Bob Smith. 212-555-6171," and then the phone will ring. Text messages are similarly announced. I must've inadvertently activated some kind of voice command, because the phone wasn't doing this before. How do I turn this annoying feature off? I can't find anything about it in the manual.
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Is it

Tools --> Voice Commands --> Settings --> Call alert --> Ring Only?

(I don't have the phone, I just looked at the manual online
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gregvr has it

It is under Main Menu -> Settings & Tools -> Phone Settings -> Voice Commands -> Call Alert

(btw - LOVE this phone, easily best from Verizon right now!)
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