Reccomendations for good Pocket PC games?
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Does anyone have any reccomendations for good Pocket PC games? I think I have finally tired of Yahtzee and Hellfire.
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Do you like Bejeweled?

Crystal Crash is a nice freeware clone.
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I've played TextTwist so much that at one point my brain completely iced over, and all I could do for about a week was unscramble words in my head.

Puzzle: Can you find six four-letter words that are all anagrams of each other? For example, "past", "pats", "taps", and "spat" are four words that are all anagrams of each other.
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I also like Bookworm and Mummy Maze.
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Most Interactive Fiction "text" adventures have PocketPC ports. The are games in the style made famous by Infocom, like Zork, Trinity, and Leather Goddesses of Phobos. There is a small active community of authors still cranking out these games.

I know specifically that TADS is supported. These are two of the most popular languages in which these games can be written.

As for a game itself, it looks like Inform has been ported also. The best IF game I've played in years was "Slouching Towards Bedlam", which won last year's IF Competition. The games from the IF Comps are good to start with, because they're written to be winable in 2 hours or less.
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Morphgear is a pretty neat emulator for Nintendo/Sega systems. Pocket VCS is a nice Atari 2600 emulator. There's always Trivial Pursuit.

I'm sick of Yahtzee too.
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Quake has been ported, and rather nifty it is too if you have a fast enough Pocket PC.

On the commerical front Worms World Party is good, and there's also a port of Age of Empires.
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Reviews here and here.
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