I don't need no stinking scrollbars.
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Why can't I get rid of the Terminal's scrollbar in OS X 10.5?

I'm pretty sure I had this figured out in 10.4, but I just noticed today that the scrollbar is back and I can't get rid of it. None of the older tricks work, and the one Leopard-specific one I did find (downloading some App called Deeper) didn't work either.

Just to be clear, I want to get rid of the scrollbar itself, not the scrollback buffer. I understand one of the earliest ways to get rid of the scrollbar was to just set the buffer to 0 but that's not what I'd like to do.
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I think iTerm does this, FWIW.
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If you google "os x terminal remove scrollbar", theres lots of solutions.

Here's a simple macosxhints.com solution
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Response by poster: I know there's lots of Google results, but none that seem to work. That macosxhints.com solution is from 2003 and the menu items it refers to don't even exist in Terminal anymore.
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Out of curiosity, I tried opening up some nib files for the Terminal app, to try to find a scroll view and flip its scrollbar switch. No luck on this end. Hope you find a non-iTerm answer!
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Ok, here goes. It's a bit tedious, but I just tried it out and it works.

1) Download PListEdit Pro and drag to your /Applications folder. Launch it.
2) Open up ~/Library/Preferences/com.Apple.Terminal.plist with this program
3) This is a binary file. You'll need to switch to XML mode using the Operations --> Change Format tool in the menubar
4) Once switched to XML view add the following line to the very top of section. Make it your first key / string


5) Switch back to binary mode and save the file
6) Launch Terminal. It should be scrollbar-less.

I haven't tested it but am fairly sure that if you made a Preferences change in Terminal.app, it will overwrite these settings since it'd write down a new .plist file.

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Hmm....formatting on those strings didn't come out well in the post...also this isn't as stable as I'd like. Let me play with this a bit more. I'll post back again with more info as I figure this out...

The string should be:

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$ defaults read com.apple.Terminal | grep -i scrollbar
    Scrollbar = 1;
$ defaults write com.apple.Terminal Scrollbar -bool FALSE
works for me under Leopard. It takes effect on the next window you open.
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Response by poster: None of these things are working for me for some reason. I really don't get it.

defaults read com.apple.Terminal | grep -i scrollbar actually returns:

Scrollbar = 0;

And adding the key using PListEdit had no effect either.
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Response by poster: I gave up and just copied the Terminal.app from my Tiger install disc and the scrollbar is gone. So if anyone comes across this post in the future, looks like that's the only solution that works at the moment.
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