How can I get my Samsung Blackjack to produce sound?
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This Samsung Blackjack doesn't make any sound. Is there some magic to loosen its tongue, or is it busted?

I've inherited a Samsung Blackjack from work. I called AT&T and got it unlocked, so it's working with my TMobile SIM.

It doesn't make any sound, though. For example, if I go through the menus to select a ringtone and select "Play" from the menu, there is no noise.

The volume control on the side only brings up the "Earpiece volume" slider.

I've done a hard master reset to no avail. The phone is not set to "Silent".

I do not know if it made sound prior to being unlocked, except insofar as it did not make any noise while going through the Windows Mobile startup routine while still locked to AT&T. This being my first Windows Mobile device, I have no idea if it was supposed to.

Google only turns up "I can't make my Blackjack silent enough" or "How do I put it into silent mode?" or the like.

Any ideas?
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try a hard reset? that should clear any settings and make it beepy again. if it's not beepy after that, i'd guess the speaker's dead. i have no idea whether this will do anything to your unlocked status or not, but don't come cryin' to me if it does.
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oh, ffs. you already tried that. sorry for being an idiot!
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