Good birthday gifts for homeowner
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Good birthday gifts for someone moving from a townhouse to a single family home?

What are some good birthday gifts (in the range of $50) for someone who will soon be moving from a townhouse to a single family home? Gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond just seem so overdone. Anonymous because said someone regularly reads AskMeFi.
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It's your friend's birthday, not a housewarming. Get them something that speaks to them and their personality, not to their living arrangement.
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I don't think a house-related birthday gift is necessarily out of line. One big change between a townhouse and a single-family home is the amount of outdoor/yard care, maintenance and decorating. If you want to do a gift card, how about something to a local nursery? Or else several outdoor containers potted with colorful fall blooms?
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I'd buy them a young tree for their yard...they can mark time by how many years they've been in the house by each birthday. kinda personal, kinda practical, very pretty and nice for the planet.
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I'm with Freedomboy. A house is a gigantic pile of repairs waiting to be done. If you want something a little harder to giftwrap, a ladder is massively useful and one of those things that nobody ever seems to have before the first time they really really need one.
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A weedwhacker, or even better, a weed dragon (my favorite outside toy tool). Although ellebe's idea of a young tree would be nice, with a shovel & garden gloves.
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As far as tools, a palm-size, chalkline laser-level will be a big help in aligning shelves, decorating walls, painting, etc. (DavidWhite 2LC or similar)

Garden tools: nice pair of Felco pruners.

And, add a couple rolls of duct tape.
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A voucher for your time to help them move.
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my wife and i bought our first house in may and i agree that tools and lawn/landscaping supplies are a great idea. our house is on a lot with many trees in many varieties, which i love. however, several of them were getting too close to the driveway and the deck. my father-in-law gave me my favorite yard tool yet, a telescoping ratcheting lopper for pruning smaller tree limbs. i had never heard of this wondrous device before but it's the best thing short of a reciprocating saw that i've used. i don't own the particular one linked, it was just for illustration, but you should be able to find something similar locally.
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A rose bush. Gives new gifts every year.
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