They're everywhere, but I can't find them
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VideoID Filter: Help me find an online video from about a year ago that "highlighted" all of the advertisements in a city. All of the ads were white and everything else was black (or the other way around?). It really illustrated how surrounded by consumerism we are.
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I don't know if this is the exact video you're referring to, but the city you may be thinking of is São Paulo in Brazil.
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Response by poster: It's not São Paulo, but that came up a lot during my searching. It looks like a great idea, though it would never work in the US. One can always dream...
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Hhmm....Do you recall the continent in which the city is located?
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Possibly the (photographic) work of Matt Siber?
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Response by poster: More info (that I thought I had put in the question):

It's a video where someone with a camera was walking around a city with some heavy rotoscoping applied. They had turned all of the ads white and blacked out everything else. I don't think that the city was the focus so much as the ubiquitousness of the advertising.
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