Where can I find a good quality vesion of this image?
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I need a good quality (and colour) image of the the relief of Antinous as Sylvanus signed by Antoninianus
of Aphrodisias. I can only find this small image on the internet, and only one smaller image in a book (and I work in a large library). Can anyone help?
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I couldn't find any other images online -- sorry.

However if you have the image in a book, wouldn't that give you the provenance? You probably already know this, but there are usually photo credits in books that tell you what museum the piece comes from. You can then contact the museum and they'll usually send you a slide/photo for a fee. (Sometimes you'll even be able to get a digital image.)
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Well, according to this random term paper, the relief that you're looking for belongs to the German Archaeological Institute, Rome Branch. Their main web site is here and the Rome department is here. They seem to have a photo collection which they will copy for you for a fee [alas no online archives] or you might want to try emailing the gal who wrote the term paper at delia5 at earthlink.net to see if she still has a copy of it.
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Thanks so much, both of you! I appreciate what you've done. The writer of the term paper (I suspect) lifted the image references from the one book that I've seen that has it, Beloved and God. I'm willing to pay a fee, however, so I shall look into buying from the German site.
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