Recommend software to replace fax machine, please?
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Small CPA wants no more paper! All's cool except the fax. Need software recommends, plz.

They are looking to replace an old timey paper fax machine with an XP machine currently set up to do some server type functions.

Ideally, the faxes would come in and be stored on that machine with email or some other kind of notification out to the recipient. AND be available to send out faxes as well.

They have PC on a network, phone modem and I'm thinking some kind of simple fax server software? That runs on XP?

(There are a goodly number of fax q's and a's here but none quite get this particular scenario.)
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My law firm uses something called Right Fax, which seems to do exactly what you're looking for. My understanding is that someone actually sends the email message out, though, because the fax has to be routed among a couple of hundred possibilities. Not sure if that can be simplified if everyone was to get notice.
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Are they open to web-faxing? My company uses Myfax, haven't had a problem with it. We just have an account there, send an email of the fax we wish to [recipient-fax-number]@myfax, and voila!
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I have sold many a small business GFI FaxMaker. It runs on XP. Its amazingly awesome.
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