Salsa lessons in San Francisco?
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Salsa lessons in San Francisco? [MI]

I had a great instructor in Boston, and now I'm trying to find a similarly great program for my boyfriend in San Francisco.

Things I liked about my past instructor: He focused on the mechanics of leading well, instead of getting all "poetry of the dance!" about it; he was a good teacher, not just a good dancer; and I think his background in lots of different ballroom dances gave him insight into how to teach uptight white folks how to move on a dance floor. Even after just a few lessons, the guys in the class were really able to *lead*, not just follow a choreographed routine.

Has anyone had similarly wonderful salsa instruction in San Fran? We don't have a car, so I'm not so much looking for recommendations all over the Bay area.
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I and several of my friends have taken lessons at Club Cocomo. My friends definitely vouch for them. As for myself, salsa dancing just isn't my thing, but I think they have a pretty good reputation.
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