IE 8 beta has crashed and burned...
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IE 8 Beta has gone corrupted, and is causing all sorts of iertutil.dll related errors.

Something went awry with the install of IE 8 in my freshly installed XP SP3 machine. I generally use Firefox for my browsing needs, but certain apps make calls for web data (the WoW launcher news feed, for example) and this causes a stream of errors "The ordinal 169 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll". IE 8 itself will open on its own, but won't display anything - the window below each page tab is just blank white.

I decided to uninstall and then go back and install IE 7, however the uninstall process seems to have gone pear-shaped - the first time around I was able to go to Add/Remove Windows Components and remove IE, and on reboot try to use the IE 7 install exe. However, it looks like the uninstall never removed the files, and IE 7 won't install because it thinks IE8 is still installed. IE 8 won't install again because it thinks there's still a browser there. Add/Remove Components still has an entry for IE 8, but it's listed as 0.0 MB and any further removal attempts net no change... the progress bar flashes by in a second or so, but no files are removed, the entry is still there, and the error persists.

My specific question is - will replacing the iertutil.dll file in system32 correct this issue? I was able to move a fresh copy of the file from the temp dir that IE 8's failed re-install created, but I'll need to boot from BartPE or safe mode or something to replace the corrupted copy, since just about every XP process seems to access it (unlocker will shut out the processes using it, but that shuts down most of the OS, which then fires itself back up). So if I boot to DOS or something to replace it, will that cause cataclysmic failures in other areas? Are there predictable further issues elsewhere? Is there another approach I should take?
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Is there another approach I should take?

Well you did say it was a "freshly installed XP SP3 machine", so you could conceivably nuke it and start over again...

and not install the beta of the newest version of the Microsoft Virus Writer's Toolkit™ this time.
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Response by poster: Yeah, that's a possibility, altho I had just copied over all my data from my previous install, so I was hoping to avoid doing that many-hour slog over again. The IE 8 was definitely a mistake - I never use the damn thing, I was just looking for whatever was fresher than IE 6.
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MSIZap IE8 and see if you can install IE7 on top.
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