What's up with my website?
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Why does my web page work with a www prefix and not so much without?

I have a domain and hosting account with GoDaddy. My "site" currently consists of only one page with my Google calendar displayed. If I direct a browser to www.myaddress.info, it works fine; if I go to myaddress.info, sometimes it works, but sometimes I get a partial - just the frame from around the calendar and my name. It doesn't seem to be consistent, browser-specific, or have to do with changes to my GCal.

Any thoughts? Anything I can do, or is it a fluke on the hosting side - slow/bad DNS propagation or some such? Should I fiddle with DNS redirection via my GoDaddy account to simply redirect the sometimes-working address to the always-working one?
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Best answer: I had the same issue when I first moved one of my domains to GoDaddy, and found that it was slow DNS propagation. For a couple of hours, the www worked but the unadorned sitename did not.

You might just want to double check that your DNS records have an A name (@) pointing at the IP and a www CName pointing at the @ record, although I think that's done by default.
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