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I run a 2 person design office. Can anyone recommend an easy to use web based timesheet program? Cheap is good.
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Not filling out timesheets is a major reason to choose to work at a two-person design office. What can possibly be so complicated about your mutual expenditures of time that it requires a software solution?
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Not exactly a "timesheet," but provides that function and more: Our small firm uses the Quickbooks online edition to track billable time and generate invoices, etc. The boss seems pleased with it.
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Blue, being able to quickly get an aggregate of how much time you spent on each part of a project is critical to a small shop.
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the design firm i freelanced at used timefox.

though i was a lowly pleb so i couldnt tell you if its cheap or easy on the admin end.
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Over at sourceforge, a search on "timesheet" yields a bunch of projects, many (most?) web-based. I'm afraid I can't comment on their relative merits, but hey, they're all free.

You could also start off looking at the "scheduling" category and drill down from there.
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Response by poster: thanks for all your comments, save the first one.
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If you have Linux experience, try Konae. Open source, free, actively maintained by the people who use it.
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Clients & Profits has a web-based version, I believe. Not sure about the cheapness, though.
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My wife uses Clients & Profits at her job. She hates it--it's complicated, buggy, and counter-intuitive for her. She also says it's very expensive (not that she's paying for it).
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