How can I find out where I'm registered to vote?
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What's the easiest way to figure out where I'm registered to vote? I've moved several times in-state, and I'm not sure whether I've updated my registration, or, whether I've updated or not, where my voting center would be.
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Click your state. Alternately, you could contact your local county election official - even if you're not registered there, they can tell you who to call. Just call the courthouse that's located at your county seat.
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Your profile doesn't say which state you live in. In Oregon, the best way to do it is grab your phone book and find the number for your county's clerk office. This is sometimes called "county clerk," or "county recorder," or "election supervisor." Anyway, once you call, ask for the elections division, give them your name and they'll be able to tell if you're in their database.

If you've lived multiple places in the state and can't remember which, you might try contacting your secretary of state's office. They, too, have an election division, and if you give them your name they can probably look you up.

Fun public records fact: You can find out anybody's birthday by asking for their voter registration information from the clerk's office. It's a public record, although they are legally allowed to blot out the signature on the form. Older forms even have people's social security number on them!
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Actually, I live in Oregon, too, and had this same dilemma just the other day. What I did was go to the local post office and they answered all my questions. True story.
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i really don't think it matters where you were previously registered to vote. the point is, you want to register to vote where you live NOW. so go do that.
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What quonsar said, but don't forget to do it now, unless you are planning to vote for W, in which case please sit on your hands until November 3.
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Those of you who live in Washington, don't forget, the new primary is tomorrow!
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