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VisioFilter. Okay. This should be terribly simple. I am quite sure there is an add-on or a macro that I can throw into Visio that will allow me to right-click on a page/tab in a Visio document and duplicate that page and the contents therein. Why this isn't a native application function, I have no idea. Any suggestions or sources?
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No - no such function. However, you can right click on a tab and create a new blank page. You can copy and paste the contents of previous pages on to this. Or you can go into page settings, set your page as a background, and then on the page settings for other pages, select to use this background. Whenever you create a new page via right click, it will inherit the properties of the tab you selected.
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Put the focus on the page you want to copy. Use ctrl+a to select all on that page. Use ctrl+c to copy the selection. Right-click on the page tab and select 'Insert Page'. Put the focus on the new page. Use ctrl+v to paste contents of copied page into new page. Right click on new page tab and select 'Rename' to.. err, rename.
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Yeah, I just ran into this very same thing myself, using Visio for the first time in a while. Frustratingly, it also tends to "paste" the new objects in the center of the new page, so they're not automatically aligned with where they "used to be".

If you need to keep a bunch of pages with consistent elements, I've found you can use background pages--and can even "stack" them, so that you can make a deep background page with any branding, footers, etc., and then use that as a background to _other_ background pages that are more section-specific. That seems to work pretty well, and also allows you to make universal changes pretty easily.
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Will this do it?
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Response by poster: Close ... this one actually did the trick. Thanks!
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