What's up with jute?
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My 8' x 12' jute rug has been rolled up for several months. Now I've unrolled it again and it won't lay flat. It's all hilly. It's on a hardwood floor with a rug mat underneath it. What's the best way to get it to lay down nice and flat with no hills and dales?
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You can always roll it up in the opposite way from the way it was rolled. That should help flatten it.
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it's a little big for this but you could always press it between yr mattress & box-spring...

another potential solution is to dampen it slightly (not a lot - just spritz it with water) and then hang it on a clothesline or or something similar - gravity may help iron some of those kinks out
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I'd be tempted to try running a "Rug Doctor" or some other steam-cleaning device over it. That should "iron" it flat, and clean it at the same time.
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I spritzed mine with a plant mister and piled heavy books on the ridges and hills. It took a few days.
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