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Network TV, OFF network: Who's got the scoops on what's coming to Netflix Roku, AppleTV, Amazon, etc…? Is there…

anybody blogging about this, posting press releases, speculating, or even just nattering interestingly about these alternative TV delivery options? (Not counting watching episodes on the computer only; we want to see 'em on our big screen, and we're willing to wait…)

We HATE watching the networks (it's how the ads destroy the pacing, mostly; after years of watching DVDs only, it's hard to believe that anybody puts up with such constant hi-decibel interruptions…), but have gotten hooked on several current shows, so we invested in Roku and AppleTV, and we want to both keep up on what's coming to these, and more generally to track this aspect of the TV industry. Where to go? Thanks!
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Gizmodo, Engadget and the other big tech blogs cover this sort of thing from time to time. For instance, I read on one of those (I forget which one) that NBC's shows will be available from the iTunes store again after a dispute over pricing was settled.
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Not quite what you're looking for, but Hacking Netflix tends to cover most of the major news in that arena - despite the name, it's not just Netflix news, though it's certainly strongly centered on it.
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