What happens if I try to return a free, opened iPod?
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A friend recently bought a MacBook for college and, through Apple's promotion, got a free iPod Touch with it. I have a few questions: 1) If the iPod is opened, can it still be returned? 2) What will happen if Apple does take it back, since technically the owner payed nothing for it? (Store credit, perhaps?) and 3) If the iPod should somehow malfunction through no fault of the owner, would Apple replace it as they would any other purchased iPod still under warranty?
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1) Yes, but a 10% restocking fee is charged.

2) I was under the impression that the iPod was free after rebate. If the owner takes it back, he or she will not receive the rebate. It looks like in certain states there is an instant discount instead of the rebate. In that case the discount is probably reversed. I think the bottom line here is Apple is not going to give your friend free cash. It's the iPod or nothing.

3) Standard warranty should still apply
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I'm not exactly sure how they handle the back-to-school things nowadays, when I bought my Mac Mini a few years ago I paid the regular price for the iPod when ordering and got the money back via check after sending in the receipt and a form. So from that:

1) yes
2) you'd get the money back
3) yes

This was in Germany and it might be different in the US, they might also have changed the procedure.
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I'd guess that after you redeem the rebate you cannot return it.
The answers above don't quite have it right.

Apple sales policies:

"If the item is returned unopened, in the original box, we will exchange it or offer a refund based only on the original payment method. Apple will mail a check within ten (10) business days for cash, cash equivalent, and check transactions over $250. Except where prohibited, a 10% restocking fee will apply to any non-defective item that requires Apple to perform rework prior to resale; please ask a Mac Specialist for details. Please note the following:

Opened software, memory, and other media can be exchanged for the same item, but cannot be returned for a refund."
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I'm a Mac Expert (job title, not personal proclamation).

1) Like roomwithaview said, the iPod is a rebate. You can return it unopened for a refund, or opened minus 10% of what you paid. You cannot cash the rebate check and then return it. Note that the return period is fourteen days, and it's nearly impossible to have received the check by then (unless you live in New Hampshire or Delaware, where the rebate is instant, but yes we're hip to the idea of being scammed anyway). If you were to return it once the check was in the mail, Apple would just stop payment.

2) See above.

3) Yes. It comes with a standard one year warranty.
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If he really wants the new one, eBay could be a great option. It probably will net cost more than 10% of $300, but he'll have the new one, which does look pretty nice and has internal speakers, which I really want. If I could trade up for under $80, I'd go for it.
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