Acura ABS Problem
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Acura ABS Filter, 1998 Acura 3.2 TL, ABS light and TCS light are on, Repair shop says there are 2 ABS sensors out (right side). They want $540 to repair them and reset the light. Anyone have any ideas or is this a possible fix at home situation? Any help would be appreciat
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The sensors are $109 each. Add in labor and $540 doesn't seem too outrageous. They look pretty plug-and-play, but I would try to find a service manual (public libraries can be good for this) to see what's involved in the process.
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You might try getting a diagnosis from a second repair shop or else a dealer shop. It would be very unlikely for two sensors to go out at the same time. I would suspect a wiring or connector problem. Before you replace expensive sensors, you might want to make sure that is really the problem.
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