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Kuala Lumpur Time-Killing Help Needed

It's one of those questions again, and I searched the old ones to no avail.

I'm in Kuala Lumpur for 10 days next month (Oct), and I know nothing about the place.

I'll take suggestions on restaurants, can't-get-it-elsewhere shopping, interesting sights (I like walks), and pretty much anything. I'm traveling alone and don't have any non-work contacts.

No real time or interest in beaches or surfing etc (is it even the season?)

I'm doing some on-site consulting type work but it's very loose (basically hanging around giving my opinion as needed, kind of like MeFi!) so I'll have some daytimes free, as well as two weekends and most evenings.
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visit Lakes Gardens Park

it's a beautiful, tranquil park with huge, ancient fig trees, magnificent orchid and hibiscus gardens. be sure to visit the butterfly farm & wild bird sanctuary. you can easily spend a day there.
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There's a world motorcycle grand prix race being held at Sepang, just outside KL over the weekend of Oct 17-19. Something different. Lots of fun!


Bangsar area is good for nightlife, restaurants and people watching.
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Best answer: Ride the bus out to Selangor to see the fireflies.
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Best answer: You could try Dinner at KL Tower and get a great view of the city at night
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Best answer: Seconding Lake Gardens Park - it really is gorgeous.

Petaling Street and Tun Abdul Rahman Street (Jalan TAR) are walkable areas with lots of interesting shops and colorful street life.

If you like, there are the super-high-end shopping areas like Mid-Valley Mega-Mall and the Suria KLCC, which is located at the bottom of the Petronas Twin Towers, at one time the tallest building in the world and a sight in it's own right. The park surrounding it was one of the last works of the late landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, although it is not an exceptional park.

Low Yat Plaza is a huge mall full of nothing but electronics shops of all kinds: cameras, computers, cell phones, etc. You can get some good deals there.

KL has a great LRT system so you can use that to explore all over.
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MyThai is awesome if you like Thai food - pretty much the best I've had outside Thailand.
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Best answer: Are you still reading? You have to have to HAVE TO HAVE TO go to the Museum of Islamic Art. It is one of THE BEST museums I have ever been to (and I'm not generally all-over art, museums, or Islamica in general). Why is it so amazing? It covers architecture, art, costumes, and history of not just the Middle East but worldwide Islam. The most fascinating sections (to me) where about mosque architecture worldwide and anything about Central Asia (Tajikstan, etc.). It had the perfect mix of artifact, education, and beauty, and was a good overall value.

Other recommendations: Make sure to see some of all cultural sides of Malaysia, and pick up some locals to find out just how different their lives are. Fascinating place. The Cave with the Hindu temple on it in the north of the city is worth a visit (I'm totally blanking on the name). I'd skip the trip up the KL tower though: you only visit at the 42ndish floor, and you have to line up for tickets at 7:00 am and show up again at your appointed visit time.
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I'd skip the trip up the KL tower though:

Just to clarify, there's the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC, that, yeah, is a hassle to get to the top of, like whatzit said. I've tried three times and the tickets were always finished by the time I got there. But the KL Tower, or Menara KL, that friedbeef recommended is quick and easy, and by virtue of being built on a hill, gives a great view almost at the same level as the Twin Towers.
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Response by poster: I'm reading, Whatzit! Great suggestions all around so far, thanks!
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Seconding the the Museum of Islamic Art.

If you want to be sure of getting tickets to visit the Petronas Towers you should be in line by 07:30, 08:00 at the latest. Although the tour's not much to write home about.

The caves whatzit mentions are the Batu Caves, again, I wasn't impressed, but I have travelled extensively in India.
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KL is also the hub for AirAsia (link to route-map), a low cost carrier. You could spend a weekend at Siem Reap checking out Angkor Wat or take your pick of destinations.
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Seconding the fireflies.
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Response by poster: Back eight months later to favorite some of the advice that worked out well. Thanks, all.
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Just in time, rokusan! I just flew into KL last night, am staying on Petaling Street, and trying to decide what to do over the weekend.
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