Mourning Suncom
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Tmobile just bought out Suncom in North Carolina. I had Suncom. Our cell phone plan was the Unplan, which had unlimited minutes in our region. What's gonna happen to my sweet deal?

My husband is in real estate and is also heavily involved in local Party politics, which being translated means he is a massive user of cell phone minutes. The Unplan was made for folks like us...having perused the Tmobile site the nearest thing they have is a plan that is nationwide BUT will cost us more money. Going back to limited minutes is NOT AN OPTION.

Please tell me there is hope! In other words, will they grandfather in our plan-and if not, can we escape their clutches and go elsewhere? And if you are a realtor or otherwise a massive user of cellphone minutes, what else is out there that we should look at?
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Couldn't you contact them for this information?
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If you don't get the answer you're looking for here, there's a TMobile site devoted to the subject, where you'll find this:

Q:What happens to my SunCom plan?

A:While the names of the T-Mobile plans may be different, you’ll see that our plans include low rates and nationwide minute allowances comparable to the plan you had with SunCom. In fact, we’ve worked hard to match or beat the value you get from SunCom.

If, after reviewing your new plan, you think another plan would be better for your needs, give us a call and we will help you find the T-Mobile plan that best fits your needs. With T Mobile, you can change calling plans at any time, for any reason (if you do, you may need to extend your service agreement).

Also, you can find a few threads about the switch in Howardforums.
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Tmobile's info is less than forthcoming and their little "verygoodday" site annoys the crap out of me while producing little in the way of actual solid information. Supposedly they are sending us a letter later this month but I wanted to be a little proactive with this.
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I think if you have specific questions, you should probablly go to the nearest T Mobile store and ask there. There are a lot of people in the same situation as you, so they should know what they're talking about.

Their "verygoodday" site says "Suncom has always given you excellent value in wireless, and T-mobile continues this tradition, by offering a similar calling plan to the one you have now, even if you have the UnPlan."

I'm a Suncom customer in South Carolina on the UnPlan and I'm pretty bummed about this merger too.
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They may have changed things, but when TMobile bought Voicestream, my old Voicestream account just sort of kept on trucking like nothing had changed. Exact same deal, even the same "account type code," just a different logo on the envelope. YMMV, of course, but I'm talking years here.
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Are you under contract? Contracts go both ways - you can't get out of your contract to switch to another carrier, but they may not be able to escape their contractual obligation to provide you with your UnPlan, merger or no merger. It depends on how the contract was written, of course. I bet they'll let you keep your plan - you're sort of predisposed to ditching them for another carrier since you came from SunCom, so they'll want to make a good impression on you.

Cingular once let me keep an awesome $30/month plan for years after it was discontinued.
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