Where can I sell used clothes in Chicago?
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Thrift Filter: Where can I sell old clothes (slightly worn) in Chicago (preferably in/near East Lakeview) and how much can I expect to get for them?

I have a huge suitcase full of clothes (mostly tshirts and some pants) that no longer fit me. They've slightly used, and many are luxury designer brands. Rather than just donate them, I'd like to try to sell them to raise some money to put towards my fall wardrobe which is very sparse.

Please recommend some places in Chicago (preferably in/near East Lakeview since I live near the Belmont Redline stop) that I can go to sell these.

Also, as I've never done this before...what is the process like? Do I just show up with a suitcase full of clothing and ask them to appraise it? How much can I expect to get for things (I understand its a bit hard to know this over the net but any first hand experience would be appreciated)?
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I can't tell if you're a man or a woman, but if they're women's clothes, you could try selling the designer stuff at McShane's Exchange in Lincoln Park. They say you can expect about a third of the original price.
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Craichead - Good point, I should have clarified. I'm a guy.
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There's a Buffalo Exchange and a CrossRoads a little south of you on Clark (they might be on Broadway I can never remember if they're north or south of the split at Diversy). I've never sold clothes to them, but I know they buy clothes. You just show up and they tell you how much you'd get.

Make sure you're clothes are freshly cleaned though.
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buffalo exchange and crossroads trading are both in east lakeview. on broadway and clark respectively. make sure stuff is clean, in season (or a wanted brand/trendy style etc).

you can choose store credit or cash. you'll get more store credit, so it's worth seeing if they have anything of interest before hand (and possibly looking at both first). the buyers won't necessairly buy everything you bring. last time I went I got rid of about 60% of my stuff. they tend to make a pile of what they'll buy and tell you what they pay. so if you want to know about a specific item individually, ask.

I've also passed various consignment shops, but no personal experience there.
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I took an entire basket of season appropriate clothing to Buffalo Exchange and they bought one crappy purse for about $3. I had luxury brand clothing as well in normalish sizes (XL shirts).

Don't necessarily count on them giving you any money.
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