Water pitcher won't fit in our sink
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I recently saw an ad for a water filter pitcher that has a little hose stored in the handle that attaches to the water tap. Can anyone tell me who makes this product? The only source of water in my office is a small sink in the washroom, and it is not deep enough to fit a water pitcher into. I'm thinking this hose-attached pitcher could be the answer to our hydration needs. Other ideas on how to supply clean drinking water to my staff are welcome.
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I don't know about the pitcher you're talking about, but you can get a small hose with a rubber end for attaching over a tap at any hardware store or big box retailer. They're meant for bathing babies but will certainly work for filling a pitcher or watering can. Usually the rubber end is somewhat funnel-y so it will seal over a variety of tap sizes and shapes.
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This Google query strongly suggests you're looking for a Clear2o pitcher.
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I saw an ad recently for Clear2O who have pitchers with hoses. (Caution website has video/sound.)

Have you considered water delivery service? We switched to it a year or so ago after getting tired of buying flats of water bottles from the grocery store. It's suprisingly affordable - less than $10/mo for the cooler and about $7 for each large jug. As we're a small business (retail store, 2-4 people in the store most days) we just call whenever we need a delivery, but you can go on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly schedule.
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You could just get a large measuring cup, fill it in the sink, and pour the water from it into the pitcher.
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Aha! Yes! That's the one: Clear2o. For the record I did try Googling for the pitcher but didn't have any luck. Excellent, thanks so much.

I have considered a water delivery service. It is rather affordable. But the way I look at it--my city already has a water delivery system, with pipes and everything. Isn't there some way we can make use of that without having to drive big polluting diesel trucks around? Takes a lot of energy to move something as heavy as water. Piping seems so much more efficient.

Our long term solution is to install a "point of use" water dispenser, also known as a "bottle-less" water cooler. There's a thin rubber or copper pipe that runs along the wall to the nearest water source, where it connects under the sink. There are some logistical challenges that have to be overcome first, so I am looking for an interim solution. Hence the Clear2o.
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mutrux: fwiw, we installed the "bottle-less" water cooler in our office, and after the initial skepticism (myself included) we use it now just as we did with the 5 Gal bottles. The tubing is very unobtrusive, and while there's s till a part of me that thinks the thing might actually be doing nothing except heat and cool the water, it does taste great. The transportation was one of the main reasons we switched to it.
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We used one of the bolt-on-the-faucet type Pur filters (it has a filter pod that rides sidesaddle on the tap and would fit most anywhere, and you could switch between filtered and unfiltered water) - this is like a $30-40 initial investment and periodic $10-30 filters (depends on which ones you use, where you buy them and how much it's used) - of course you'll have to replace filters with the pitcher too. Ours was pretty trouble free for years and was cheap, though I've since switched to a pitcher.
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Can you install a different faucet? Something like this (a taller faucet) or this (a faucet with a hose on the end) might work.
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